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Nation Removalists have been in piano removal business for many years. During this time, our piano movers Melbourne professionals have successfully served a number of families and institutions, as well as businesses. Nobody knows more about piano removal than us. That’s why we are ranked as the top piano movers Melbourne team. We can handle all types of piano, from Pianola to Upright, Grand to Organ. If you are looking for a professional piano movers Melbourne team for moving an upright piano, you will be pleased to know that we can help you. Similarly if you need grand piano movers, get in touch with us, because we specialize in this also. Likewise, we are your go-to interstate piano movers. Yes, that’s absolutely correct. Our piano movers Melbourne services are just confined to the city of Melbourne; instead it extends to entire Australia. We can move your favorite piano to any part of Australia safely and promptly. Every piano moving job has its own set of challenges, but you can count on our team to be up to the task, whatever challenges it might entail. We can move your piano safely even when the job requires navigating plenty of stairs or when your piano is extraordinarily heavy or uniquely shaped. Our piano movers Melbourne team has a distinct advantage over others. Considering our decades of experience, we have the expertise to handle each and every type of piano. Apart from having world-class piano movers Melbourne team, we also boast of the most advanced equipment and removal vans and trucks. We will keep your piano completely safe while we are loading it, delivering it, or unloading it. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get top-class service at the most affordable rate.

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    Trust Us for Hassle-free Piano Removals in Melbourne

    If you have a piano removal job, whom would you trust—a novice team or an experienced and talented piano movers Melbourne team with a proven track record? Of course, you would trust the latter; after all, you would want only the most qualified professionals to touch your much-loved family possession. In Nation Removalists, you’ve found one such team. Read on to know why we are the favorite piano movers Melbourne professionals.

    • Free, Accurate, and Quick Price Quote – Piano movers Melbourne experts at Nation Removalists provides you a no-obligation, free of charge price quote after they have evaluated your needs.
    • Expert packing – Careful packing is the key to safe piano removal. Our Piano movers Melbourne experts will pack your piano using top-quality materials. This in turn will help minimize any risk of scratching or breakage.
    • Experienced piano removal staff – Each of our piano movers Melbourne professionals undergo a lengthy and exhaustive training. This is to ensure they never make any mistake during piano removal and are always ready for any situation.
    • Crane on hire available – Some piano removal jobs, particularly those which involve high-rise condos, might require a crane. If this is true in your case, too, then you don’t have to worry because we offer crane-on-hire service also.
    • We don’t charge extra when heavy lifting is involved – The readiness to walk the extra mile to please the customer is what, more than anything else, distinguishes us from other run-0f-the-mill piano movers Melbourne With us, you won’t need to pay a penny extra if heavy lifting is required. Similarly, you will not incur any extra expenditure if we have to carry your piano down or up the stairs.
    • Cost-effective solutions – Our quality and price both are best in the business.

    Reasons why we you should go with Nation piano removals

    Our piano removalists Melbourne experts take stress, anxiety, and tension out of piano moving by following a structured process and by focusing on giving the customer an amazing experience. What makes us so special? Well, listed below are some reasons. Have a look.

    • You have full freedom to pick a moving date – Did you know that we are open every single day of the year? As a top-ranked piano removalists Melbourne, we believe it is our duty to be ready whenever a customer has a piano removal need. You can contact us whenever you want to move a piano, and we will come and help you.
    • We work on fixed price basis– We will quote a price to you when you first contact us. This is the exact amount we will bill you, irrespective of how long it takes us to move your piano. If our piano removalists Melbourne professionals have to spent more number of hours on moving your piano, it doesn’t mean we will ask you to pay us more.
    • Reasonable price – We believe in giving a customer the best value for his/her money. And that’s why we have affordable rates even when our quality is miles ahead of competition.

    Nation Removalist’s piano removals Moving Process

    What separates top-ranking piano movers Melbourne teams, like ours, from average providers? In our opinion the biggest difference in the approach. Quality providers believe in following a clear-cut moving process—and we are no different. Our piano moving process is divided into 5 steps. In step 1, we will hand out a price quote. You can rest assured that our price quotes are honest, accurate, and reasonable. In step 2, we will discuss and finalize the date when you want the piano to be moved. This step also includes formally booking our piano moving services. Now comes the all-important step 3, in which our piano movers Melbourne professionals will use top-quality packing materials to pack the piano. Next, our team will ensure your piano is carefully loaded up onto the piano movers Melbourne van. This steps ends with you getting a receipt stating your piano has been loaded up. Step 4 is about delivering your piano and successfully unloading it. In the last step, that is step 5, you will be humbly requested to share your honest feedback about the service provided to you by our piano movers Melbourne team.

    Five 5 Reasons Why You Should Select Us

    • We provide interstate piano removal services – We can help you move your piano to the next street, as well as to a different state. Moreover, our piano movers Melbourne professionals can efficiently move your piano, irrespective of its weight, size, shape and make.
    • State-of-the-art removal trucks – We keep your piano safe all the time, while it is being loaded up or being delivered. We use the latest removal trucks with hydraulic tailgates. If required, we will make use of special equipment like stair climbers, ramps, and even a crane to load or deliver your piano. In other words, your piano will be always be safe in the hands of our piano removal Melbourne
    • Experienced professionals – Each member of our piano removal Melbourne team has a lot of experience of handling pianos.
    • Accurate quote – We always believe in sharing clear and accurate information with the customers. Therefore, you are given an accurate and exact quote by our piano removal Melbourne

    Expert packing – Carefully packing a delicate and heavy item like a piano is half the job done. We have expert packers in our team, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got the best hands working on your piano.

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